Enchanting Yacht Engagement Session on Lake Lanier – Chelsea + Noah

Oh this engagement session is still giving me goose bumps! So so beautiful on so many different levels. Beautiful weather, beautiful lake, beautiful boat, and beautiful couple!

How They Met

It was senior year of college for Chelsea as she walked through the bar making sure everything was in check and running smoothly. Noah walked in, as he had a several times before, but this night was different. After finally building up courage he asked for her number, and she politely declined… But that did not stop Noah from believing he had a chance. After continuing to pursue she finally gave in to one date. But one thing led to another, and several months later they were inseparable.

“I don’t even know if Noah truly planned on the proposal going as well as it did”, Chelsea told me. Chelsea knew that a proposal was coming in the near future, which made it all the more difficult for Noah to create a surprise for her. But on a random Saturday in May 2021, Noah told her they were going to dinner at a new restaurant past St. Pete that he really wanted to try out. On their way to the restaurant Noah randomly pulled off at the Skyway Bridge at a look out area. “Let’s take pictures of the sunset”, said Noah, something he never did. Chelsea knew something was up, but followed along.

As they walked to find a good spot for the pictures they came to a boho picnic area set up on the water, complete with champagne and a charcuterie board. Chelsea looked back at Noah as he got down on one knee. “Neither of us remember what he said!”, Chelsea said. Their friends popped out of the bushes snapping photos of the sweet moment and and celebrating with Noah and Chelsea! Such a beautiful evening.

The Session

I love a good engagement story, and I love getting to know my couples through hearing their stories. Chelsea and Noah are so incredibly sweet and fun. Getting to know them over the last several months has been awesome! I’ve learned that they love being outdoors together, specifically when its in their tandem kayak which they love taking out every chance they get! And their desire to enjoy life with each other 100% translates through the way they interact and how awesome they did at their engagement session.

As we were preparing for their engagement session Chelsea told me that they would love to get some photos on her dad’s boat. Of course I was like “Yes! Let’s do it!” but in the back of my mind, given that I am accustomed to Lake Oconee boats (aka: pontoons, bass boats, and ski boats), I was a little nervous that it would be on the smaller side. Little did I know we would be walking onto a yacht to get some of my favorite photos of ALL TIME!!! I’m pretty sure when I caught a glimpse of the “boat” (YACHT!) I squealed a little! It was such a cool experience, not to mention Chelsea’s Dad (Aka Capt. Glen), was so helpful in making sure the yacht was pointed in the right direction for the PERFECT light. Thanks for the awesome help, Glen!

This session was truly amazing and such a unique experience! Scroll through and enjoy these images from our time together 🙂

Xoxo – Sarah B.

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