Classic Downtown Athens, UGA Chapel Wedding – Kaley & Alex

“They’re perfect for each other”, “They were made for each other”, “They bring out the best in each other”. These were just a few of the phrases constantly repeated during the toasts at their Live Wire reception in Downtown Athens. Laughter and “awes” echoed through the crowded brick room as each guest got a glimpse into Kaley and Alex’s beautiful story. If I learned one thing from this wedding, it would be that Kaley and Alex are truly a perfect match. And it showed all day!!

The week had been a lovely warm spring week, and then Friday hit. I had looked at my weather app, as I always do, and saw that we were going to have a high in the 40s on the wedding day, and mentally I had prepared for the chill… Or so I thought. The wind however, I was not prepared for. If wind can be frozen, then this wind most definitely was! And it blew ALL. DAY. LONG.

I felt so bad for Kaley as I was worried the weather would force us inside the whole day. Kaley, however, was not ruffled at all! She was determined to get the best photos she could on her wedding day, even if that meant frigid temps! Can I just tell y’all, Kaley is one of the nicest and most determined people you will ever meet. She is genuinely so kind and willing to change plans when necessary, but still holds herself with so much confidence and grace. I enjoyed every second of getting to know her through the wedding planning process!

Because of Kaley determined spirit we were able to get some INCREDIBLE shots outside! Nothing got in the way of us getting some amazing pictures and having an amazing time while doing it… at least until all of our extremities went numb… But that’s beside the point, because the rest of the day was shrouded in love. The love Kaley and Alex shared. The love all of their friends so clearly had for the both of them. The love seen in Douglas as he turned to see his baby girl in her wedding dress for the first time. And of course, my love of wedding cake!

From top to bottom this wedding was so beautiful and so much fun!

Enjoy all of these glimpses into Kaley and Alex’s day!!

Xoxo – Sarah B.


Note to the couple

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Gunn,

Your wedding day couldn’t have been more beautiful, heartfelt, and so much fun! I am so honored to have been chosen to capture such priceless memories. It was such a joy to witness the love you have for each other, and to hear all of the accounts told by your friends of how perfectly you suit each other. I wish you both the very best!

XOXO – Sarah

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