Downtown Madison – Snuggly January Engagement Session

It was cold… like really cold. It was supposed to snow!

If you’re from Georgia you’ll understand why 35 degree weather is a BIG deal. If you’re not from Georgia, and you’re wondering why its a big deal, the main reason is that we aren used to it! Its laughable really, but if we even hear that it might snow, we basically shut everything down!

I digress. It was a high of 35 degrees, heavily overcast, and definitely not the sort of day you would think suitable for lovely engagement photos. Or at least, I would not have thought it a good day. I think there are always certain days for every professional where it feels like things won’t work out well, or might be working against us. But in the end we find that they are some of out most favorite days to date! And this was exactly how Tabitha and Tom’s engagement session in downtown Madison went.

A Little About The Couple

It was Halloween night 2019. Tabitha, dressed as Snow White, found herself at the Dark Horse in ATL to hang out with friends and enjoy the night. Tom, dressed as Tim Tebow, was at the Dark Horse with his friends. As Tom began to leave for the night his eyes darted over to Snow White standing in line. Seeing that she was the fairest in all the land, he quickly made his way over to ask for her number. After she gave him her number Tabitha rejoined her friends downstairs for Karaoke, wondering if she would see her Tim Tebow again, or even hear from him. But before she could think about it further he reappeared downstairs and bought her a drink.

They ended up spending their remaining time there talking. Tabitha explained that she was a CPA and Tom was like, “Me too!”. Naturally Tabitha was skeptical, so he pulled out his card for proof. She couldn’t believe it! “It was a match made in heaven!”, said Tabitha.

Less than two years later, Tabitha had planned a whole Glamping trip for Tom and herself at Stone Mountain. Being avid hikers this was the perfect little getaway. Little did she know, this would also be the weekend Tom planned to propose.

Once there, they found a less traveled hiking trail, which they often did because of the views. At one point in the trail there were little daisies popped up here and there along the path causing it took look like something out of fairytale or painting. Tom began talking about their future and how great their lives had been since they met. All of a sudden he stopped walking and dropped down on one knee and asked Tabitha to be his wife. “I was completely shocked and surprised, but of course I said yes!”, reminisces Tabitha. They spent the rest of their weekend giddy with love and planning!

Our Session

We met up outside the Amicis in Downtown Madison and made our way to the small park next door. We chatted and laughed the whole session, and bonded over how cold our hands were!

I tried to make sure we kept moving as much as possible during this session. Lots of walking. Lots of snuggling. And lots of fun! But to be completely honest, Tabitha and Tom were the reason this session was as successful as it was. There was a lot working against us, but they were so sweet and willing right from the start! They made it so easy!

We finished our time in Downtown. Tabitha and Tom grabbed another cup of coffee from Oconee Roasters and we quickly made our way to a field right off the Buckhead exit. It had clearly dropped 5 degrees, or at least it felt like it, as the clouds grew heavier and snow seemed imminent. My sweet sister-in-love let me borrow a pair of gloves and a blanket. Tom and Tabitha threw on some warmer coats and we got some fun, casual, and snuggly blanket shots in an open field. And even though we never got the snow we expected, it was still the perfect way to end the evening.

Now enjoy a look at air time together! It was freezing, but it DID NOT stop us from having a great time and capturing some beautiful shot of this beautiful couple! I can’t wait for their May wedding!!

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