Fall Antebellum Wedding With Burnt Orange Accents – The Corry House – Maria + Logan

“Alright, Logan. You can turn around!”, I said as we watched him turn towards his bride for their first look. I had talked with Logan a couple times once we arrived to the venue. He was trying to keep himself busy, but nothing could hide the anticipation he felt as he waited for the moment he got to lay eyes on Maria. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet; caring, gentle, and incredibly hard working. He was helping out in every way he could, but his mind was filled with Maria.

Joy. Awe. Happiness. Excitement! All of the wonderful things about a wedding packed into one moment as he saw her! I might have been a puddle… It was SOOO sweet! And it was most certainly a glimpse into what the rest of the wedding would be like. Genuine. Lovely. Fun. Joyful!

Getting Ready

When Skyler and I arrived on site, we were welcomed by the usual “morning of” hustle and bustle. Lots of food, lots of giggles, lots of selfies, and lots of preparing. It was so wonderful to finally see Logan and Maria’s day finally here and unfolding.

After saying hi to the girls, and meeting the amazing videographer, Evan, we quickly began our work with the details. Hair and makeup complete, and it was time to put Maria in her dress. Maria chose to do a first look with her bridesmaids, which I absolutely love! Once everyone was out of the room, Maria’s mother and maid of honor helped her into her dress. Gently securing the veil and fluffing it around her shoulders, momma’s eyes began to brim with tears. It was a quiet and precious moment as Maria embraced her.

A chorus of “awe’s!” and “oh’s!” as all the bridesmaids turned around and saw Maria. Everything began to feel real. Group hugs and giggles as Maria prepared for the first look with Logan.

Almost Time

All the tension and nerves began to melt away as they saw each other. Refocused and much more relaxed, we began their bridal photos. Before we knew it, it was time for them to hide as guest arrived.

Guest began pouring in and finding their seats. The ceremony location was tucked deep in the woods of the property. A path wound its way down to an opening in the lush green canopy where the benches and arch were. Lights hung above, lush ferns surrounded the opening, and the sun twinkled through the trees. Such a romantic spot to say “I do”.


With her grandfather by her side she began down the path. The cello and violin could be heard playing through the woods as birds chirped and the leaves rustled. “All rise”, spoke the preacher. Logan eyes met hers and she floated towards him. It was as if they were the only two people there.

Everyone sat, and the ceremony began.


Party time! Everyone cheered as Logan and Maria kissed and made their way back up the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.! Family photos came and went with lots of smiles and laughter.

The reception was one for the books! They entered in with the bang of confetti cannons and cheers. It was off to a fun start with a fun first look and the strum of a Mariachi band. A Mariachi band!! I was so excited for this, as it was my first time seeing a mariachi band in person. SOOO much fun!

The food was amazing. The entertainment was amazing. The cake was amazing. The evening was AMAZING!

After hours of fun and excitement, it was time for the exit. Everyone made their way outside grabbing sparklers. I slipped inside to let Maria and Logan know that it was time to go. I found them in the middle of the dance floor, all alone, enjoying these last moments of their wedding soaking it all in as they slow danced. It was such a sweet moment.

Cheers and congratulations rang through the air as they hurried through the sparkler line and made their departure. A wonderful end to an incredibly beautiful and successful day!

So, without further adieu, enjoy these glimpses into Logan and Maria’s beautiful day!

Dear Maria and Logan,

I am so honored to not only be the photographer you chose to capture such precious memories, but also to be able to call you both friend. Caleb and I are so happy for y’all and the beautiful adventure you have embarked on! Always keep the Lord in the center of your relationship and everything else will fall into place.

Xoxo – Sarah

Wedding Day Team

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