A Touching Classic Church Wedding – Amanda & Tim

Sniffles and quiet amens could be heard echoing through the tall arched ceilings in the stained glass church, as she read her vows to them. So carefully thought out, including every honest detail and desire she could express to them. The boys listened with obvious love and admiration as Amanda promised to love them and care for them as her own. Trembling as she promised to attend every game, to be there in the hard times as they grow, to point them to Jesus, and to talk to them about girls (when that time comes). Amanda’s love for Tim’s sons was clear, and she wanted to make sure that they knew just how much she cares for them. The vows she wrote for the boys was an unexpected surprise that filled the church with warmth during the ceremony.

Getting Ready

One of the most remarkable things about the getting ready experience with Amanda and her bridesmaids was just how laidback everyone was. Especially Amanda! Cracking jokes and bringing up fun memories was the theme of the getting ready room.

Amanda’s sweet mother helped her into her dress. We walked to the sanctuary to take photos of her and her bridesmaids. Before we began the boys walked in with big smiles on their faces as they saw Amanda in her dress. It was so sweet! They quickly went up to her for hugs, and they quickly hurried back to Tim in his waiting room.

Tim and his groomsmen, which was comprised of his sons, Gram and Hudson, his dad, and his brother, all hung out in the choir room. Everyone was all smiles, and maybe a little nerves 😉 You could tell just by the look on Tim’s face that he was happy and anxious to finally marry his best friend.


After Tim’s photos, guests started arriving and began finding their seats. Before long the whole sanctuary was full and it was minutes away from Amanda walking down the aisle.

The maid of honor found her spot ate the front as Amanda took a deep breath, grabbed onto her father’s arm, and began making her way down the aisle. He knew she was just around the corner and nothing else mattered. It all melted away as he saw her in her dress, locking eyes with her as she drew closer.

With sighs of relief to see one another they turned towards their wonderful pastor who opened the ceremony in prayer.

“You may now kiss your bride”, said the pastor, and Tim turned to Amanda, his wife. Cheers and applause collided in the sanctuary and Tim and Amanda made their way up the aisle.

They’re married!!

Reception and Finally Remarks

When we got to the club house we made our way over to the Model T, their getaway car, and took pictures under the Spanish moss. However, we made sure to end our portrait time quicker than usual because Tim and Amanda were so excited to be their family and friends! They made sure to spend every second they could hugging necks, reconnecting, laughing.

Being a part of Tim and Amanda’s wedding day was such a blessing. I love love. Its one of the many reasons I have found my passion in wedding photography. Being able to watch the genuine way in which Amanda and Tim both showed their love, not just for each other, but for Tim’s sons, and their friends and family, was such a sweet experience.

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Enjoy these sweet moments from their sweet wedding!

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