An Elegant North Georgia Wedding at The Meadows at Mossy Creek – Alicia and Garrett

It was cocktail hour, and the clouds began to gather off to the right of us. I began to grow anxious as what was supposed to be a clear day started looking more and more concerning. It was after the ceremony, but we still had plans for more photos during sunset. Then I saw it. Quickly developing in the most perfect spot above the tree line, with the most vibrant colors. A rainbow! In a split second I had two thoughts, “wow! Thats so beautiful”, and “I need to get Alicia and Garret!”. By the time I reached them Alicia had already spotted the wonder and was excited telling Garrett “Oh my gosh!! A rainbow!” She saw me and the three of us quickly made our way to get the 1 in a million shot on their wedding day.

In all my years of shooting weddings, I have never seen such a perfectly timed and vibrant rainbow. It was such an awesome moment! But the rainbow was not the only reason the wedding was amazing. The AMAZING mountain views at Meadows at Mossy Creek, the doting bridesmaids, and the way Garrett looked at Alicia.

Getting to Know the Couple

Alicia reached out to me about doing photos for their wedding last year. When I talked with over the phone a consultation I found out that Garrett wasn’t on the phone because he was out of town. In fact, he was Japan! You see, Garrett is in the Marine Corps and stationed in Japan. He wouldn’t be coming till 1 week before the wedding, and then would be headed back after! However, this time Alicia would be joining him. Talk about commitment. I immediately had so much respect for this amazing couple and knew that I didn’t want to miss a beat at their wedding!

Alicia and Garrett met in High school. But it wasn’t until Garrett was in the marines that Alicia realized that he was the one. He was the only guy that kept her smiling and laughing. She didn’t want to be without him. He was her person. Garrett had known for a while that Alicia was his person, and he couldn’t wait any longer to ask Alicia to marry him. On the day they were supposed to board a plane Erie PA, Garrett placed the ring inside his gun safe and told Alicia to go look inside.

He watched as Alicia opened it up and then quickly looked away acting like she saw nothing. Alicia told me, “I thought I wasn’t supposed to see it! So I pretended to not see anything”. Confused, Garrett said, “You don’t like it.” “I love it! I was just waiting for you to ask me.”

And with that they made their way to PA that day as fianc├ęs.

The Wedding Day

As soon as Skyler and I arrived, we were stunned at this gorgeous venue! From entrance to the ceremony location we were blown away! I told Skyler, “it looks like Joanna Gaines decorated this place!” And it did! It was simple, southern, elegant, and modern. Meadows at Mossy Creek is definitely worth a visit if you ever get a chance.

We found Alicia and her bridesmaids in the bridal suite as they finished up hair and makeup. The music was cranked and laughter and memories were in the air! I loved how supportive and fun Alicia’s bridesmaids were. She had clearly chosen some amazing women who would support her and encourage her to have fun all day long.

I have so many fond memories from this amazing wedding, but one my favorite memories is how every single guest was so joyful. Literally everyone was so happy and excited for Alicia and Garrett. It was obvious that no one was there just for a party or the good time, which there was plenty of, but they were all so genuinely happy for the couple! It was truly such a special day.

I am so excited that I get to share this beautiful wedding day with all of you! And I am beyond thankful for Alicia and Garrett. This was truly a wedding for the books!

With out further ado, enjoy these images!

Xoxo – Sarah B.

Dear Alicia and Garrett,

I am so honored to have been a part of your wedding day. It was so special from beginning to end. I wish you both the very best as you begin this new chapter of life together! Have fun in Japan!


Xoxo – Sarah


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