Charming Southern Summer Wedding – At Beautiful Beginnings Farm – Dawn + Stephen

Another amazing wedding at Beautiful Beginnings! The sun was high, the sky was clear. It was the perfect beginning for a perfect day.

I feel like too many of my blogs have started out this way this year, but sadly there have been sooo many brides affected my throws of COVID. Dawn and Stephen’s wedding was originally planned for March this year, but that all changed when their original venue changed their policy COVID safety regulations, forcing Dawn and Stephen to postpone their wedding AND find a new venue.

However, as these things usually end up, the venue that came to their rescue ended up being the much better option! Dawn and Stephen found Beautiful Beginnings Farm and fell in love with its atmosphere, not to mention its amazing owners, David and Lisa.

Getting Ready

Dawn was preparing with her sweet bridesmaids and ladies in waiting when I arrived. I could tell Dawn had a few nerves. But more than anything she was ready and excited!

We got the detail shot, and it was time for Dawn to get into her dress. Her sweet momma helped her finish her look as her crew oohed and awed at how beautiful she looked. A few pictures later, and it was time for the first looks!

A First Look with her sweet father set the mood, as he turned around and immediately couldn’t stop smiling! The love he has for Dawn shown from ear to ear. Such a sweet moment!

First Look

Time for the first look, and I decided to do something I usually steer away from. Because of my style I usually choose to stay away from dense wooded areas. However, the venue has a really cool bridge over a creek down a path in the woods behind the reception barn. The sun was high, and I was a little anxious about how the light would look. As you will see in a minute, it was SOOOO worth it!! I LOVE how these first look images turned out!

Dawn approached Stephen, who was waiting for her on the bridge. When he turned around you could see the pure joy, not just on his face but Dawn’s as well. This was the beginning of the moment that had been waiting for far too long. Such a sweet moment!

The Ceremony

The music began as grandparents and parents walked down to be seated. Stephen stood at the front preparing to watch Dawn walk towards him to finally become his wife. Everyone stood as Dawn and her father began down the aisle. Smiles all around. Tears of joy were felt. The ceremony commenced. As Dawn and Stephen began to exchange vows the one thing that stuck out to me the most was how much Dawn and Stephen’s children relished every moment. You could tell that this was a union that was highly approved and looked forward to.

The rings were exchanged and the kiss was shared. Cheers were heard as the happy couple made their way back up the aisle to take in their new titles as Husband and Wife!


I loved this wedding the most because of the abundance of joy that was shared by everyone present! There was so much laughing and happiness. Not to mention these people LOVE to dance!! So much fun!

During the grand entrance and the toast two of Dawn’s adult children shared about their love for Stephen and how thankful they were to have him in their lives. It was so sweet as the emotions poured out and hugs were shared. I was deftly teary eyed as I listened to such a beautiful story of fatherless kids finally having a man in their lives they love and look up to! My heart!

The party continued as everyone ate, mingled, and danced their hearts outs! It was a party I was sad to leave.

Now, please enjoy all of these glimpses into Dawn and Stephen’s beautiful day! Also, feel free to wish the happy couple and wonderful future in the comments below!

Xoxo – Sarah B.

Dawn’s precious daddy had this awesome cane, which he was very proud of. It was a “rain cane” which doubled as an umbrella! Of course when it started drizzling before the ceremony he had to put it to use ;P I just happened to be lucky enough to be present to take the photos of the moment!

Dear Dawn and Stephen,

Thank you so much for trusting me with such precious memories of your wedding day! It was such an honor to get to know you both! The day was too beautiful, not to mention tons of fun!! Love you both!

Xoxo – Sarah

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