Elegant Summer Engagement Session in Downtown Perry GA – Tim and Amanda

Engagement sessions are near and dear to me. The main reason is that they allow a perfect time to get to know my couples in person, and to help my Bides and Grooms learn what to expect from me on their wedding day. Theres always laughter and story telling. They really are one of my favorite things!

Amanda and Tim’s session was no exception!

The Session

If you live in Georgia, when you hear the words “Perry, GA” you immediately think of The Perry Fair. Which of course, was exactly what came to mind when Amanda told me they wanted to do their engagement session in Perry. She explained that they loved the atmosphere of downtown Perry and thought it would fit for their session. I had never been to downtown, but was optimistic, since most southern Georgia towns are enchanting.

We (Skyler and I), rolled into downtown a little so that we could get a feel for the area, and it was exactly what I had predicted! Charmingly southern and quaint. Boutiques and ‘Mom and Pop’ shops lined the streets with large oaks and evergreens interspersed amount the old town. It was the perfect spot for Amanda and Tim. In fact, the location they picked to meet us at was The Swanson, a cute little restaurant where they not only had their first date, but also where Tim proposed!

Their Story

Amanda and Tim met thanks to Tim’s thoughtful Aunt, who happened to go the same church as Amanda. Tim’s aunt and uncle invited them both to have lunch at their house after church one fateful day and the rest is history.

For them both, it was love at first sight! Maybe it was her red hair, or his infectious smile, but either way they knew immediately that there was something special about the other person. Fast forward 2 and a half years, and Tim anxiously began preparing to pop the question.

After putting lots of time and energy into preparing for the perfect moment, Tim knelt down on their 3 year anniversary (December 2) and asked Amanda to be his wife! It was in the very same place they had their first date, The Swanson. Amanda told me later that she had a hunch it would happen since it was their 3 year anniversary, and the fact that they were meant to be. I love it!

I asked them what they are most excited about for their wedding day. Tim responded, “The moment when we are introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Avera for the first time”. How sweet is that! Amanda responded, “The moment when he see me for the first time when I walk down the aisle”. If I could insert heart eyed emojis into a blog without it looking cheesy I would!

The Rest of The Session

Amanda and Tim breezed through the session with lots of fun and laughter! I loved how energetic and playful they were. If it wasn’t Amanda making faces at him, it was Tim doing silly moves to make her laugh. It was all so genuine and so much fun! I cannot wait for their wedding day!

Alright, now for what you all have been waiting for (that is if you didn’t already skip through the reading and just go straight to the photos. I see you! LOL). I am so excited to share some of my favorite shots from the day! Enjoy!

Xoxo – Sarah B.

Tim and Amanda where cutting up and having fun the whole time! It was the best 🙂

Amanda and TIm,

I had so much fun during our time together! The love you have for each other is so apparent and beautiful. I can’t wait for your wedding day in September!

Xoxo – Sarah

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