A June Dusty Blue Wedding at The Georgia Club – Stephanie + Chris – Athens GA

Oh, what a beautiful day!

There were threats of rain all day long, and I made sure to be prepared just incase we were forced inside the whole time. Which, and I don’t say this often, would have been terrible because of how beautiful The Georgia Club is. That being said, being able to go outdoors for the photos was well worth the sweat, humidity, and bugs! Just wait and see!

Start of The Day

“Hey!” I said as I walked in the door of the bridal sweet, with my amazing assistant Skyler by my side. I immediately went over and a hugged Stephanie. It was kind of awkward because she didn’t seem to want to hug me back, which in my head I was like “ok, she’s just getting her hair done and doesn’t want me to mess it up”… “Stephanie is over there… ” You know that moment where you’re confused and terrified all at the same time? Well, it was a serious “face in palm” moment for me as I realized I had not actually hugged Steph but her sweet sister Alyssa, who I’m sure felt just as awkward as I did! We all laughed it off as I tried to recover and hide my red cheeks with a hug to the actual Stephanie! In my defense, Steph and her sister looked very much alike in the moment! On the bright side, it was a welcome icebreaker to the morning and we were able to move on in ease.

The details were gorgeous. A handkerchief, carefully wrapped in old pink tissue paper, was lying on the table with the rest of the details. With it an index card listed out names and dates of all the women in Stephanie’s family who had held it on their wedding day years before. It dated all the way back to 1933!! I was shocked and amazed at such a rare relic. This handkerchief will be used in Alyssa’s wedding someday and their daughters after them!

First Look

Time for the first look! Stephanie was ready and I lead her down the stairs as the lovely Niah (my amazing second shooter for the day) lead Chris to his spot. Once we reached the bottom of the stair I had Steph wait as I went to explain to Chris what to expect. I told him that I would say when to turn around, and then at that point he would have the freedom to go to Stephanie and kiss her and spend time with her uninterrupted. I looked in his eyes as I was speaking and could see the tears welling up. It was time. I brought Steph outside and she walked to him. “Go ahead Chris. You can turn around!” The joy on his face was so sweet! Tears flowed, the joy was felt, and their embrace was so genuine. It was truly such a sweet moment as Chris beheld his bride.


Pictures of Chris and Steph were done. Pictures of the bridal party were done. And it was time for them to get ready to walk down the aisle!

Chris’ eyes brimmed with tears as he watched the flower girl and ring bearers make their way down the aisle. The excitement of finally being married to the love of his life was overwhelming! They were together finally, and the ceremony was underway as Father Fred did a wonderful job officiating. In a blink of an eye they were Mr. and Mrs. Blaszka, and happily heading back up the isle to celebrate with family and friends.


A super fun reception began with the swirling of pom poms as the bridal party entered. Shouts and cheers were heard as Chris and Steph and made their way to the dance floor for their first dance.

Dinner was delicious and the guests enjoyed their time indoors and outdoors on the patio and lawn where Chris and Steph provided them with playing cards, GA cornhole, bucket pong, and more! It was genuinely a giant party and EVERYONE was having a good time.

The cake was cute and the remaining dances were danced. Before concluding the evening the Bride and Groom provided their late night guests with a “Late Night Snack” of Chickfila and donuts! It was the first time I had ever seen something like this at a wedding and it was such a great touch.

Stephanie and Chris’ wedding was one to be remembered! Family and friends from all over the United States joined in to wish the best for the happy couple. It was a beautiful day, and I am so honored to have been there.

Now, enjoy these photos from their day!

Xoxo – Sarah B.

Dear Stephanie and Chris,

It was such an honor to be at your wedding, and to get to know you both over the last year! Y’all are such beautiful people, inside and out. I wish you all the best as you embark on this new adventure together.

Xoxo – Sarah


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