May Wedding at New Beginnings Farm – Haley & Derek – Newborn GA

As I sit here in my bed writing this blog about Haley and Derek’s wedding day, several words come to mind. Joyful. Loving. Exciting. Emotional. Perfect. In a minute I am going to come back around to the word “emotional” and explain why it is the word that sticks out the most to me for this wedding.

When Haley reached out to me about her wedding I couldn’t be more thrilled, especially as I got to know her better! My job has many perks, but one of the BIGGEST perks is the friendships I make with my clients. Not long after Haley booked me for her wedding we scheduled a morning coffee meeting to sit and chat about her plans and vision. That morning just happened to be one where I had both Joshua and Lizzy, and I was concerned we were going to have to reschedule. But Haley assured me that she did not mind at all if they came, so I reluctantly brought them along, cringing at the thought of how uncomfortable she might become with their rowdiness.

Y’all… she not only handled their presence so graciously, but Joshua still to this day asks when we will have breakfast with Mrs. Haley again!! It helps that Haley works with kids on a daily basis, but she is one of those people that literally doesn’t let anything get under her skin. She is so calm, and kind, and I absolutely love her!

This love grew when I got photograph Haley and Derek at their engagement session! It was so fun getting to know them both and learning more about how they met and how Derek proposed. Which you can read all about on their engagement blog here!

Special Moments

So many beautiful things happened on this wedding day, and I wish I could tell you about all of them. Like the precious moment that Derek danced with his niece, or the moment Haley’s 98 year old grandmother couldn’t stop looking at her and telling her how beautiful she looked. But there are a couple moments that I really want to share.

The first is that this wedding was filled with the most affectionate first looks I have ever seen! Haley wanted to have a first look with her dad, and let me tell you, words don’t do justice the emotions and love that was shared between them. The way Haley’s dad looked at her was something that definitely got me choked up!

Then of course we had the first look with Derek. I asked Haley, as I do all my brides, if she thought Derek would cry when he saw her. She said she wasn’t sure… Oh boy. You know, I don’t even think Derek knew he was going to melt like he did when he saw her. But boy did her ever. Derek is one of those tough on the outside, soft on the inside kind of guys, and it was so sweet to watch that soft side come out when he turned around to see Haley in her dress. I was a puddle!

The second thing I really wanted to share with y’all was a very sentimental touch to this wedding day. You see, Derek’s mother, his best friend, passed away in 2019 from brain cancer. It was devastating for Derek and his family. Haley said, “she was an absolute saint, and one of the sweetest people I have ever met”. Seeing that Mrs. Janet didn’t have long, Haley had her write a note for Derek to have on his wedding day. She then took those sweet 4 words and had them etched onto cufflinks for Derek as a wedding gift. It was such an incredibly thoughtful gift, and one that truly touched my heart when she told me the story. It was so sweet to watch Derek walk down the isle knowing that a part of his mom was with him.

The Day

The whole day was beautiful. The sun shown, the guest had a great time, memories were made, tears were shed, and Haley and Derek got their happily ever after!

It was so special the whole day through watching Haley and Derek become husband and wife, and getting a glimpse into the sweet friends and family that surround them! It was truly such an honor to be there.

If you have stuck around this long (thank you! I know I was a little long winded this time! ), please enjoy these images from Haley and Derek’s day, and make sure to wish the happy couple many blessing on their new life together!

Xoxo – Sarah B.

Haley and Derek,

Your wedding was one for the books. I loved every second of it, heat and all 😉 Haley, you were absolutely stunning and handled every difficult with so much grace! Derek, the love you clearly have for Haley is so sweet and genuine. I can’t wait to see the beautiful adventure this next phase of life takes you on together.

Blessings on your marriage and I can’t wait to see y’all soon!

Xoxo – Sarah


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