Dawn + Stephen – Spring Engagement Session at Watson Mill State Park

This session is one that felt like would never happen… Dawn hired me back in 2020 for a wedding that would happen after the whole “COVID thing” was over. Or so we thought… Not only did we end up having to reschedule engagement sessions (several times) but ultimately Dawn and Stephen were forced to reschedule their entire wedding. What was planned to be a March wedding became a June wedding at a completely different venue.

However, one thing I must note is the grace that Dawn has shown through all of the changes. She has always been so kind and laid back, which has been such a blessing in some pretty uncertain times.

Dawn and Stephens Story

They met at work where they became fast friends. However, they were both in relationship at the time, so naturally friends was all that they were. Dawn ended up leaving that company and over the course of 9 years they lived their own lives. They would both check in from time to time just to see how things were going, but other than that there was radio silence.

On one fateful day Stephen messaged Dawn. They started talking and, now both being single, decided to meet up for lunch. “It was the best decision I ever made”, remembered Dawn.

At lunch they talked for hours, catching up on life, and simply getting to know each other better. Dawn knew she had always felt something special for Stephen, but never realized exactly what it was before because they lived two completely different lives, with different people. But now that they were both open to the possibility of being together, the feeling of love and respect for each other flowed naturally.

From the start, marriage was always the end game, but wasn’t something they were rushing towards. 4 years into their relationship Stephen received a job promotion that moved them to Georgia. That Christmas (2019) all of their family came together in GA to celebrate the season and also Stephen’s birthday. Stephen knew it was time, and he knew now was perfect timing with all of their family gathered together.

“Stephen always gets up at 5am, but this time he never woke me. I stirred and rolled over to say Happy Birthday, but he wasn’t there. I rolled back over and was greeted by a hug”, said Dawn. “‘Babe, you wanna get married?’, he said as he dangled a ring over me. I looked up and saw this beautiful ring. I turned back to him with a big smile. Yes!!”

The Session

I absolutely love Dawn and Stephens story! It’s just proof to me that when your meant to be with you someone, no matter how long it takes, you will end up together. So sweet!!

I showed up to the session with Skyler, aka the best assistant on earth, and we began looking around the park. This wasn’t the first time I had been here and already had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to shoot. We found some gorgeous spots and game planned the session.

When Dawn and Stephen arrived I was super pumped and ready to go! They looked sooo good, and I could not believe Dawn did her own hair and makeup they were so on point! Not to mention, her dress was absolutely gorgeous.

We walked to the first location, and as I usually do I taught them some core poses that I knew we would go back to frequently throughout the session. Let me tell y’all, they NAILED every pose right out of the gate! Our session started out amazing and it ended amazing!!!

Dawn and Stephen were so willing to go wherever and do whatever I asked, and they have some seriously amazing photos to show for it. So, without further ado, I am going to stop talking and let you all see just how amazing these two did!!


Sarah B.

Dear Dawn and Stephen,

I had so much fun with the two of you!! I am so excited for y’all’s wedding June! Enjoy these photos, and I will see you soon!

Xoxo – Sarah

  1. Dawn Marie Anderson says:

    Omg I am speechless. They are absolutely perfect!! Thank you soooo very much!!

  2. Angela Grasberger says:

    Love these. Sarah you did a beautiful job.

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