Maria + Logan – An Enchanting Spring Engagement Session in Downtown Macon

I chose Macon for this engagement session because of the Cherry Blossom trees that would be in bloom. If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably already know that I LOVE flowers and all things Spring. So, naturally, I was excited to pull Logan and Maria into Macon for their engagement session.

I actually met Maria and Logan at a family portrait session a couple years back. Logan’s family had asked me to come by to grab some full family photos as they were all gathered for Thanksgiving. At the time, Logan and Maria were only dating, but as I grabbed a few shots of the two of them they hinted at the prospect of an engagement in the future. Fast forward to November of 2020 when Maria excitedly reached out to me with the news that they were engaged and ready to plan their wedding!! I was so excited that they had remembered me and wanted to me to photograph their wedding day!

Maria and Logan’s Story

Band camp! Thats right, they met in high school band camp, which truly makes my heart so happy. Can you hear the High School Musical sound track playing in your head now?! The summer of 2015 right before school started, Logan was a senior and Maria was a Sophomore.

“It was love at first sight”, says Logan. He knew it from the moment they met that he had to get to know Maria better. Which he promptly made possible as he asked her out a week after they met! “I knew he was the one when he put the Lord at the center of our relationship and lead us into a deeper relationship with Him”, remembered Maria. Not many guys are willing to lay their desires down in order to lead the women they love into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Because of this, Maria knew their relationship was something incredibly special.

The Proposal

Logan’s family owns a quaint little cabin on Lake Sinclair, and he knew it would be the perfect place to ask Maria to marry him. So he began to plan.

He took Maria to the cabin so he could take her on a “boat ride”. But he knew this would be far more than a boat ride, and most definitely one of the most important days of his life…

Maria was unsure what was going on when Logan pulled up and anchored at a little island in the middle of the lake. But as they hopped off the boat she saw the candles and rose petal sprinkled over the sand and into the tree line. In the peaceful lapping of the lake and hushed tones of the birds in the trees of the island, Logan knelt down. “Yes!” Maria said. “It was such an intimate and special moment for us”, she told me.

I always love asking my couples what they enjoying doing together in their spare time. Maria and Logan’s answer resonates so much with me and Caleb, because it exactly what we love doing together!

Maria explained, “We LOVE to watch movies and binge watch shows together, while eating cookies with milk.” They also love to go on road trips, even if its just short trips.

Back to The Session

I arrived in Macon about 30 minutes ahead of time to scout out good spots for photos. When I arrives I couldn’t believe what I saw. I immediately started to panic! There were NO cherry blossoms in bloom!!! I saw a few Bradford Pears here and there, but I wanted Cherry Blossoms!!!! (too many exclamation points?)

So I began to drive around. I looked up local parks and made my way through different downtown streets in search for scenic spots. Then I found it. The Macon Auditorium. I parked my car and made my way up the steps. I couldn’t believe my stroke of good luck! It was GORGEOUS! It had arches, columns, old timie light fixtures, and an amazing European feel. I knew it would be amazing!

Logan and Maria arrived looking so glamorous. They couldn’t shown up in better outfits for the location. We started shooting and immediately began having fun. Because I had already worked with them a little in the past they remembered some of my cues and tips which made the session run so smoothly from the start!

It was hard to leave the elegance of the Auditorium, but I knew I wanted to capture some of the Springtime weather and flowering trees (even if they weren’t cherry blossoms), so we moved on in search of some Spring scenery. We didn’t have to go far to find what we were lookin for. Mulberry street is lined with beautiful blooming trees, some of which I don’t know the name of. The sun was in the perfect spot and enjoyed it last rays of the day with some epic final images.

I can’t wait for you all to enjoy these images! Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

Xoxo – Sarah B.

Dear Maria and Logan,

It was such a pleasure capturing y’all’s love for each other through these engagement photos. Thank you so much for entrusting me with such a sweet and special time your lives 🙂 Can’t wait for October!

Xoxo – Sarah

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