Valentine’s Suprise

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you saw a post about the sweetest surprise I had from Caleb. However, I’ll go ahead and tell you the story from the top. I woke up Friday morning (2/12/21), my hair a crazy mess, and my immediate thoughts going to my need for coffee. I walk into the dining room on my way to the kitchen and was stopped dead in my tracks. My desk was spotlessly cleaned off with the corner full of Valentine’s goodies! I wasn’t expecting anything from Caleb until Valentine’s Day, and I definitely wasn’t expecting more than a card, some flowers, and chocolates. Before you read into that and think, “man, he only gives her those things every year. So cliche…” I want you to know that I LOVE flowers, chocolates, and heartfelt cards! I might be a bit sappy and cliche. Anyways, I was thrilled! I immediately ran over to my desk and found a wood wick candle (my fave!), an adorable teddy bear that said: “I love you a Latte” on the heart (and it ACTUALLY smelt like a latte!!), a desk Money Plant (I’ve been wanting a desk plant for some time now), a heart-shaped box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates (my all-time favorite chocolates!), and the sweetest heartfelt card. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! I turned to Caleb and gave him a hug, and as I did he whispered, “Be ready by 3.” I looked at him with a puzzled look and he said, “and make sure you dress nice.” He kissed me and then left for work.

Tickled, and STILL grinning like a silly school girl, I tried to continue on with my usual Friday plans. Now, before I continue, you need to understand that in my and Caleb’s relationship I am the one who is really good at surprises and giving thoughtful gifts. Plus, I am really good at guessing what he has gotten me on birthdays and Christmas. It’s just what I’m good at. So for Caleb to surprise me and then have an entire evening planned for us that I knew nothing about, was not something I was expecting, AT ALL!

It was 1:00pm and I knew I needed to start picking out what to wear and deciding how I wanted to do my hair. I picked a casual, black, floor-length dress paired with a cute jean jacket and my favorite black flats. I found a great tutorial on youtube on how to do a fancy ponytail, and I got to work! Before I knew it Caleb came home to get ready, and it was 2:45! I started to get frantic because I still hadn’t done my makeup and the kids weren’t ready. Caleb asked if I could do my makeup on the way there, and I said I could and quickly grabbed all of the kid’s stuff. We got in the car at 3:45 and I was feeling super worried we were running so late. I think Caleb saw the worry on my face because he said, “hey, we are running perfectly on schedule. In fact, we are running ahead of time!”. Apparently he had purposely told me to be ready an hour earlier than needed, because he knows how bad I am at being on time to things, and honestly, I am so grateful he did! LOL!

We dropped the kids off and headed down the road to Watkinsville. Caleb then told me we were going to Chops and Hops, which is one of those restaurants we always pass on our way to Athens and say we want to go there, and then never find the time to do it. I was thrilled! We pulled in at 5:15 and headed in. I was shocked at how big the inside was. The ambiance was very romantic with dim lighting. We were seated in the upstairs dining area with a view of the downstairs. Our waitress took our drink and appetizer order, and we began talking about how cool we thought the set up was. I ordered their 7-ounce filet with sweet potato waffle fries and honey fried Brussel sprouts. Caleb ordered the Honey Truffled chicken with risotto and carrots. I am not even exaggerating when I say that every single thing, from the appetizers to the entrees, was AMAZING! 100% my new favorite restaurant! We finished off the meal with a delicious slice of turtle cheesecake.

We had such a sweet time there just chatting and enjoying each other’s company, and as our meal came to an end I figured we would be heading home. However, Caleb had one extra surprise up his sleeve. He took me shoe shopping!! I mean, what girl wouldn’t be super happy about that? I was so excited I totally forgot to take any pictures of our shoe shopping experience… Sorry. But I will tell you I found a pair of cute Keds! I know… lame. But I am all about casual, cute, and comfy!

If you’ve made it this far through my sappy blog about our Valentine’s date, I will conclude by saying: I was happy, full, had a new pair of shoes, and my favorite person by my side. It was the best night! We finally headed home and picked up the kids. It was such a sweet surprise. I love my husband so much! It meant so much that he had worked so hard to give me such a wonderful experience. Do I wish I had taken more photos and asked someone to take a picture of us, yes. But I will always cherish the moments I have with this amazing man.

Love you, babe. You’re the best!

Xoxo – Sarah

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