Secret Dock Proposal On Lake Oconee – Kyle + Madeline

Oh my goodness, I have been anxiously awaiting this proposal since August when Kyle enlisted his mom, Sue, to find a photographer. I was so excited when Sue reached out to me! After going over to the lake house at the beginning of September and planning out the best place to hide where I could still take photos, I knew this was going to be an amazing morning.

Kyle and Madeline met through Kyle’s sister-in-law thanks to the wedding industry! Madeline’s mom is a wedding coordinator, and the florist they were working with one day happened to be Kyle’s sister-in-law. After chatting while setting up she told Madeline that she thought Madeline would really like her brother-in-law. She got Madeline’s phone number to give to Kyle, and to Madeline’s surprise she received a text from Kyle a few weeks later. Their first date was drinks at the Kaleidoscope in Atlanta, and the rest is history! Madeline said, “We instantly clicked and chatted for hours!” Fast forward a couple years and many many long distance weekend trips from the University of Tennessee, where Madeline was finishing up her PHD, she was finally able to move closer to Kyle. To celebrate they decided to head to Kyle’s parents’ lake house! Little did Madeline know that Kyle had something much bigger planned.

Finally, the day had arrived. As I got ready I worried while looking at the cloudy skies, concerned that we might get rain. I texted Sue to let her know that I was on the way. As I drove through Reynold and got closer to their road I noticed a long line of cars parked on the curb, and as I passed by I saw a crowd of people waving at me and getting excited. They were all of Kyle and Madeline’s friends and family waiting to be called to the house to surprise Madeline! I parked at the neighbors house as we had previously planned so that Madeline wouldn’t see my car. Quietly and quickly, I ran over to the side of their house where we decided I would hide and texted Sue. I waited…

Not a minute later I heard the back door slide open and close. My heart began to race. Then I saw Kyle and Madeline walking down the path to the dock, where Madeline thought they were just going to get a picture before going to brunch. I franticly began shooting away, while remaining hidden, not wanting to miss a beat! Within seconds they were at the dock chatting, and the BAM! Kyle knelt down on one knee! Even though I was far away I could see the stunned shock on Madeline’s face, which quickly turning into an excited smile. It was so sweet!! At this point I had slipped out of my hiding place and crept forward. I couldn’t hear what Kyle was saying, but I know it must’ve been good since Madeline very quickly said yes! Excited for them both I continued to click away. I texted Sue to let her know that the deed was done, so that she could tell their friends and family to come to the house.

After giving Kyle and Madeline a few minutes to themselves I walked down to join them on the dock. I congratulated them both and we proceeded to take more photos! The ring… Oh the ring! Out of the world GORGEOUS!!! You’ll see in a second. Whats even more sweet about the ring is that the metal and the side diamonds were actually Madeline’s mother’s! So not only is it stunning, but it is also sentimental!

Madeline still had no idea that her friends and family were anxiously waiting for them inside the house. After several minutes of photos Kyle and I exchanged glances and Kyle suggested to Madeline that they head inside to show his parents the ring. We walked inside and up the stairs. “SURPRISE!!!” It was a blur of cheering and hugging as some of Madeline and Kyle’s most dear friends and family rushed to hug them! Madeline was ecstatic with happy tears running down her face. I would be lying if I said I didn’t almost cry! Y’all know how I get!

The next little while was full of laughing, hugging, and more photos!

It was such a sweet time, it never rained, felt amazing, and I am so honored that I got to be there to capture it for them!

Congratulations, Kyle ad Madeline!

Dear Kyle and Madeline,

It was such a pleasure finally meeting both of you! I loved every second of capturing such a momentous occasion in your lives – such an honor! I am so excited for what the future holds for you both and wish you the best.

Many blessings,

Sarah Bell

  1. Susan Richards says:

    Wow!!!!!!! These. Are. Stunning!!!! You captured the moment perfectly. We will cherish these photos. Thank you thank you thank you…..

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