5 Ways to Repurpose Those Gorgeous Wedding Day Bouquets and Flowers

Do wedding flowers take your breath away like they do for me? The softness of their blooms can turn any wedding into a gorgeous masterpiece! They bring life and beauty into reception centerpieces and ceremony backdrops!

If you’re like me, being wasteful makes your stomach turn. Especially when it comes to spending hard earned money on something and then turning around to only throw it away…. For this reason I have heard a lot of brides say they will be going with fake flowers or some other alternative for their wedding that can be reused.

But did you know, that there are many ways that you can repurpose the flowers from your wedding day? In this blog I am going to share 5 ways that you can do just that!

#1. Recycle those beauties!

Did you know that you can schedule a pickup or delivery time with local shelters, nursing homes, and hospitals to give your flowers to someone who needs a smile? Imagine the joy on the face of a cancer patient or elderly resident who receives such a special and beautiful gift! <3 Repeat Roses is a nationwide service that will help you do just that!

#2. Give your blossoms new purpose!

There are tons of amazing tutorials and videos on how to repurpose your wedding flowers to spruce up your home! A few possible options would be to dry them and turn them into a lovely bowl of potpourri, turn them into hanging wall or door wreaths, hang them upside down to dry and put them in a shadow box, or simply break down some of the centerpieces and turn them into fresh bouquets for your coffee table. Pinterest is my go-to for all the crafty things!

#3. Turn your blooms into jewelry!

Yes! You read that correctly! There are actually companies you can send your flowers to for the purpose of turning them into keepsake jewelry! Bloombeads can preserve your flowers in their beautiful freeze-frames, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more! What a lovely way to remember your wedding day, by literally wearing a piece of it on a daily basis! Personally, I could also see this being a great gift to give bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, etc.

#4. Give them as favors!

Another great way to put those flowers to use is to give them away to your guest and loved ones as they leave. You and your florist put time and energy into making those centerpieces gorgeous. Those beautiful centerpieces will last longer than 1 day, which is why some brides choose to allow guest to take them home to enjoy them for another week or two! 🙂

Some florist, when asked, will come back towards the end of the night and break down the centerpieces into smaller bouquets to hand them out to guest as they leave. This is a fun idea if you have a florist who is willing!

#5. Lost loved ones

We all have experienced the loss of people we love. Using flowers from your wedding day to lay beside a grave can be an incredibly sweet way to remember them.

There are endless options and fun ideas to repurpose those wedding day blossoms! I hope you have found this blog helpful and insightful! If you have other repurposing ideas I would love to hear about them! Make sure you comment below with your favorite ideas and share this with friends and family! 🙂


Sarah Bell

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