Sofia & Colton – Macon, Georgia

I woke up, got my coffee, made sure all of my equipment was packed and ready to go, and headed out the door. It started just like any other wedding day – but it was most definitely not like any other wedding day. November 30, 2019, will forever be the day that I got to capture one of the most important days of my best friend’s life.

As I am sure you know, or maybe you don’t, Macon is a very interesting city full of a city scape intermingled with old southern mansions and buildings. This was my first time shooting here and I was really excited that I would get my toes wet by shooting in the most gorgeous cathedral I have ever seen in my life! St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is gorgeous, and if you’ve never seen it, you need to! You’ll understand in a minute – but trust me, pictures don’t do it justice.

Sofia and Colton were very determined not to see each other until Sofia walked down the aisle, so much so that they got ready in completely separate hotels! I totally respect the dedication ;). I started at the girls hotel where hair was being curled and eyelashes were being glued on, grabbing a few shots of the dress and details and then dashing out the door to get over the guys hotel where the guys where cutting up and having fun. I grabbed shots of details and pictures of Colton, and then dashed out the door to meet the ladies at St. Josephs! While there was not a lot of breathing room between locations, there was a lot of laughter and fun! I knew we were about to have an amazing wedding day!

At the church the girls giggled and smiled for the camera as if they had been modeling for years! Seriously, they were awesome! After the girls hid downstairs, the boys met up with me in front of the church for group shots. As the time was drawing more and more near I could tell that it was really starting to sink in with Colton. He was so kind and courteous while following my directions, but I could tell that his mind kept wondering back to seeing Sofia coming down the aisle. It was so sweet!

The time had come! The Ceremony was about to begin and I ran up to the balcony where I would be photographing the whole event! All I could think about was that my best friend was about to get married and how much Colton loved her. Then the organ rang out and the church doors opened. Colton, anxiously waiting at the alter watches as each ring bearer, flower girl, and bridesmaid passed. Finally, everyone arose from their seats and his eyes met hers… It was like nothing else in the room was there, just them… it was magical!

As Sofia’s father gave her to Colton and everyone sat down, the ceremony began. They exchanged rings and vows, and then the mass began. It was a beautiful latin mass, encompassing the importance of marriage. 1 hour later the blessings were given and Sofia and Colton were officially wed!! I ran down to celebrate with them and grab family portraits. Afterwards I pulled Sofia and Colton out for photos together away from everyone else. It was such a wonderful moment of rest and quiet as they got to snuggle for some more intimate shots and embrace the reality of their union. You could just see them soaking it all in as they kissed, and smiled, and laughed! I was swooning! We finished up and it was time to head to the reception.

We arrived to this amazing marble building, which used to be an old train station! Marble from floor to ceiling; I was in heaven! The wedding party was announced, and as Sofia and Colton walked in the cheers roared through out the building. Dancing their first dance felt so natural and a perfect way to usher in what was an incredibly fun and joyful evening. The food was Italian and super delicious! I personally indulged in a caesar salad, stuffed bell pepper, and stuffed chicken breast. As you can imagine I was happily stuffed afterwards!

The toasts began with the Best man, Stephen. Sending laughter through the crowd he reminisced on fond memories and the ways in which he knew Colton and Sofia were meant to be. Next was the Maid of Honor, Rita, Sofia’s sister. After some funny stories and giggles, Rita took a heartfelt and tearful moment to tell her sister how much she meant to her. It was a moment that definitely got me choked up! Afterwards, Sofia’s boss, Katie, came up to say a few words. A little back story; Sofia has been a nanny to Griff and Johnny Lee, Katie’s sons, for over 3 years now. She has been privy to the sweetest moments of watching these two boys grow, and has the sweetest bonds with them. As you will see in a minute, these boys LOVE her! And I definitely can’t blame them 🙂

After the toasts, the father daughter dance and the mother of the groom dance. Both of which were beautiful! Everyone jumped out on the dance floor afterwards and busted a move to the classics! No, not Mozart or Beethoven, “the electric slide” and “cupid shuffle”! A candle lit mock exit followed and then cake! And then more dancing! It was a night for the books. Lots of laughter, lots of dancing, and lots of fun 🙂

Sofia and Colton,

It was beyond thrilling to be there for y’all’s big day! I feel completely honored that I was chosen to capture such incredible moments for the both of you and your families to enjoy for years to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I pray all the blessings over your new life together!


Sarah Bell

Dream Team:

  • Dress: David’s Bridal
  • Catering: Luve’annes Catering
  • Church: St. Joseph’s in Macon GA
  • Reception Venue: Macon Transit Authority

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