Elizabeth & Zach – Eatonton, Georgia

The forecast was an 85% chance of rain and storms all day long. The venue was gorgeous, and the old southern pecan trees in the back made for a beautiful setting for the ceremony. There of course was a plan B, but Elizabeth told me how herself, Zach, and so many others were praying over the weather, in hopes that the original ceremony setting would work. 

Saturday arrived and the forecast had not changed. I headed over to the venue with grey clouds and very little sunshine overhead.  Elizabeth and her bridesmaids were as cheerful and excited as anyone could be on their wedding day. While the weather was a concern, Elizabeth told me that as long she was married to her best friend at the end of the day, nothing else mattered. Yes, my heart was melting with all the feels! Happily we continued on with the original plans; I shot the details; the girls continued getting ready, and the rain stayed away. 

We finished with all of the bride and bridesmaid photos and it was time for the first look. The sun popped out just in time for Zack to see his bride for the first time in her gown. The way he looked at her was priceless! There was no denying the incredible love he had for his bride, rain or shine. The sun continued to shine on the sweet couple as we made our way out to the field for Bride and Groom shots (and let me just tell y’all, they nailed it!!). They “giggle kissed”, cuddled, and bravely walked through the field like pros! Zach didn’t let her fall once! Proud of you buddy 😉 It was so magical, and the light was perfect! 

It was time for the ceremony, and a faint rumble could be heard in the distance. A slight breeze cooled everything to an enjoyable temperature, and the trees swayed, rustling their leave just enough to make you think of sweet summer days. The cello began its melody and Zack walked down the isle with Pastor Rob and his best man, his brother Tony. Once the remainder of the wedding party made their way down the isle, everyone rose to their feet as Zack met Elizabeth eye-to-eye. They never once looked at anyone else as she walked towards him. The ceremony was perfect and the gentle rumble in the distance was like heavenly approval. The “I do’s” were said and a kiss sealed the deal. Hand-in-hand they walked down the isle as husband and wife. Drip. Drip. Drip. I started to feel the beginning of the rain during family photos, but it was so perfectly timed that everyone was under the white wedding tent before it began to pour. And when I say poured, I mean POURED. The rain came down so hard that you had to yell to be heard! It was amazing! No one could have timed it more perfectly.  

The rain continued and the party began. Zack and Elizabeth greeted their guests as they laughed and reminisced at old memories. White linen table clothes with mason jar center pieces were the perfect touch for the southern charm wedding. An old white barn held the buffet, dance floor, and cake. Zack and Elizabeth slipped away to enjoy a few moments together at their own table before getting up for the first dance. Caught in the moment they swayed to the music. Her arms wrapped around his neck. His arms wrapped around her waist. You know, earlier that day I got the privilege of hearing Zack’s prayer for their marriage while he and his groomsmen got ready. He repeatedly asked the Lord to guide him to be the best husband he could be for Elizabeth, and he continually thanked the Lord for her. The same heart that I heard from him while he was praying I saw in him as he looked at her. Thankful and happy. 

Zack and Elizabeth, 

it was such an honor to be at y’all’s wedding. From the moment I got there to the moment I left I witnessed the love y’all have for each other, and the blessings that the Lord showered on you both (pun intended ;)). Thank you for entrusting me to capture such an important and meaningful day in your lives. I pray the Lord blesses your marriage. 


Sarah Bell  

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